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Thank for visiting National Corporation Directory - your resource for nationwide corporate registration searches in the United States. These tools offer real-time, simultaneous access to official state databases and proprietary commercial databases of public information. National Corporation Directory is a private service intended for use by legal professionals, businesspeople, analysts, journalists, and other researchers.


Secretary of State Search

 • Perform a live search of Secretary of State incorporation records.
 • All 50 states, plus 2 territories and 1 federal district are supported.
 • This tool searches official state databases.

Secretary of State Search

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Did you know?

  • In the United States, all corporations are registered with the individual states where they do business.
  • There is no registration at the national level.
  • To look up registration information of a U.S. company, you need to search the database of the state or states where it is registered.
  • National Corporation Directory allows you to search for companies in multiple states at the same time.

Business Location Quicksearch

 • Search our database of 28 million business locations nationwide.
 • Get address, phone number, and contact person for a business.
 • This is a commercial database of physical business locations.

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